PDF Combine FAQ

Is PDF Combine competible with Windows 7 and 8?

PDF Combine is available on all editions of Windows includes Win 7 and 8, it is easy to install even on outdated machines. The download is available at PDF Combine Download Page, and is an easy single-click installation.

Some PDF Files cannot be Combined, Why?

Your PDF files might be protected by user or owner password. PDF Combine cannot combine protected PDF documents. If you need to remove owner password, please visit PDF Password Remover.

I clicked Combine Now button, but nothing happened. What should I do?

If you are using Vista/Win7/win8, Please run the program as Administrator: click on the icon by right mouse button, select "Run As Administrator", then combine files.

And sometimes anti-virus software might false alert for the backend program of PDF Combine. Please add PDF Combine to your anti-virus white list, then try again.